Saturday, January 10, 2009

why human always not satisfied with others

erm..just wanna share somthing today..once i arrived at home today, my h.mate told me dat..(ad,gaji maybe x jdik naik..,pasal there is a group x puas hati pasal diorg x dpt..)..erm..terkejut n xtau nak ckp per.,erm..x slh nak perthankan hak jgn la smpi nak menutup pintu rezeki org lain..x slh pon nak iri hati, but make it positif..i act donno wat happened during dat kind of meeting..but kalo dpt chance nak stand for the decision..i'll try to do so..erm..ape yg terkilan kalo dat kind of thing leh buat sesame kite bermusuh.., y not during the meeting, convince that we supposed get more just like them.., n not try to condemn others,,,erm...nak ckp lebey2 pon x tau citer kalo dah action kite tuh leh ttp periuk nasik org lain..apekah konklusinyer..erm..dipendekkan citer if this thing come true,,smpi bile2 la lect ktt akan sentiasa bermuke baru...y?lu pikir la sendiri...huhuh

p/s; rezeki tuhan yg ksik .,kalo dpt pon..bukan **&*&**& yg mintak..huh!

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