Tuesday, February 10, 2009

coming back..

erm...dah lame x update my blog..my laptop got problem..so..about a week cant use internet..huhu..seb baik la ade latt (lab assistant) yg baik hati..he settle everything..hehehe erm..katenyer window corrupt..my sbb use gadget vista yg free edition..hahahha erm..anyway..after dis i can cont to write on my blog..just wait for the other story..so far xder gosip hangat sangt..tp kesian gak la kat peminat chelsea yg lost someone yg power..(scolari)hehehe..anyway..c all of u later k..erm..later bertmbh bz..baru je lepas perasmian court futsat..nak kne incharge fescot la..fuh..n to the KI student..welcome home..dtg blik la ye kat ktt..hahaha