Thursday, October 9, 2008

dear everyone..especially that knowing me..

erm..wat i wanna say,.i create this blog.,so that my beloved frend n family and my beloved students can always have communication and relationship with me with me..we can share a lot of topic here..experience.,feels, joy, sometime business..hehehe so always visit my that we can always keep in touch and share everything bout our life day by day..
and one more i wanna promote my url for, anyone that interested can have a look on frends already succeed in create, im interested,,hahahaha
ok everyone selamat mencuba..hehehe


  1. weih!!
    ko ni biar btul..
    dh main blog plak skrg..
    rsau plak tgk mmber aku sorg ni..
    dulu mane rajin ko lyan bnde2 mcm ni..huhu

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hahaha..besela..zaman kan dah berubah,,x salh mencuba sesuatu yg baru kan..hehehe

  4. errr...ley caye ke wt duit tuh

  5. zaman dah berubahh...
    dunia dah maju ye cik AD?=P

    'h0w t0 make m0ney' ye skarang..
    make la EXTRA m0ney wakk..
    nnt kite nak cket... =P

  6. eh mis masz..kate nak register x register ke..
    ala..try la dulu..rm 45 kan.heheh

  7. eleh poyo lah ad!!beria how to make money,blnja ktorg kt kdai mamak dah 2 bln dah ktorg tggu jamuan makan ko ni!ntah bler ntah.kate awal bln dpt gaji.asal dpt awal bl jer ktorg xnmpak pn bayang WQT 7893 hang 2